Modified Hagenstedt V Final [MP]

Modified Hagenstedt V Final Platinum

Modified Hagenstedt V 1.0

Modified Hagenstedt V 1.0

Modified Hagenstedt V 1.0

Modified Hagenstedt V 1.0

This is the Hagenstedt Modified to LS17
In the Map you have Animals Forest
Fermenter silo for silage
Feed mixer Added for Forage
Added a factory Saegewerk
Point sell for Wood and Wood Chips and many more have fun

Recommended mods to play This Version

Flour Transport recommended Trailer

Milk Trigger

Pallets warehouse Pack


Greenhouse ModPak

Palettenwerk placeable


Texture: Giants
Script: Marhu
Idea / Concept: TheSnake

Modified Hagenstedt V Final [MP]
3.7 (74.29%) of 14


  • Map will not open, Shut down the Game.

  • wasnt this just uploaded a week ago?

  • When i go to the port, it s warning to not enter in deep watter, but i m on solid ground.
    and then, if I continue to go, my tractor stop like i m in watter.
    please fix this bug, and add chopped straw to the map, it s a great map and i like how you replace the fields, roads and the farm

  • Having MP problems with this map. The synchronisation process does not work. Workaround: stop the initiation process by stoping the game and try it 3-4 times. Than – magically – it works.

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