Golden Spike Map v 1.0.4

Golden Spike Map v 1.0.4

Golden Spike Map v 1.0.4

Golden Spike Map v 1.0.4

Golden Spike Map v 1.0.4

A lot has been changed on the map and more than 41 points have been added.More about them, you can
find out in the file DESCRIPTION it is located in the archive of the map, there you will also find the folder
BONUS with a special courseplay according to the author, as well as mod seasons
and others…
Built into the map: Compost master and Adon granules, now my PACK OF PRODUCTIONS
is not needed and will cause a conflict like the listed mods separately,
and also a conflict is noticed if there are GS, GC cards in the same folder with mods
and others on their basis: flickering of objects, blackening of the earth, and so on.

– Trains on the map are PRESENT!
– Mod containers and others are ABSENT!
– Semitrailer slabs for card TEMPORARILY ABSENT!

Golden spike version
– fixed conveyor belt in a network game.
– Fixed completion of the lease of the plant in a network game.
– Added a message about the completion of the lease of the plant.
– Added unloading of fertilizers from fertilizer units and seeders to the warehouse at the base, to the service equipment and manually onto pallets.
– Fixed too high price for silage.
– with the Seasons, winter and spring are a little warmer, so that the earth thaws faster.
– in all warehouses (bases, factories) correct display of stacks of timber and boxes. The visual filling of the warehouse boxes began from 60,000 liters, now from 12,000 liters.
– on the farm Kuznetsova, you can now fill the spreaders of liquid and thick manure.
– sale of bales of silage under a canopy sold on Kuznetsov’s farm (alluvial and silage deposits removed)
– various minor fixes (including houses with one-sided polygons)

Golden spike version
“You can plant trees on someone else’s territory.”
– When buying a plot, the presence of trees is taken into account, payment is 2000 per tree (stumps are not counted)
– In the standard menu (Esc) on the price page added wholesale base, farm Kuznetsova and garden center.
– Furniture has been added to the universal warehouses.
– In the contracts added fuel pellets (pellets) from Straw Harvest Addon.
– Added a few snow caps in the city.

Golden spike version 1.0.3
– Blocked planting trees in foreign territory.
– Increased the interval between the urgent sale of objects at a reduced price. When playing with the seasons, the interval depends on the number of days in a season. (The leader will not buy everything at breakneck speed)
– Fixed display of the loyalty of the owner in the office of real estate.
– Switching between chainsaws with the mouse wheel is turned off. Only buttons 1 and 2 can be used.
– Kurskley sees the first field after purchase.
– Fixed the price of equipment when selling from the garage on the high complexity of the game.
– Fixed the position of pictures of goods and their signatures when the option “Big icons with the names of the goods.”
– Canning factory products added to contracts.
– Fixed some tips (arrows).
– In the menu of seasons the price chart works.

Golden spike version 1.0.2
-Some objects hanging slightly above the ground and various minor visual corrections.
-Uploading pallets with seeds and fertilizers from a warehouse at the base in multiplayer.
-Error after the purchase of objects, urgently sold at a reduced price.
-Error messages about stopping the line in multiplayer.
– Planted plants of all stages, except for the seeded. In order not to trample down, use the technique with narrow wheels.
-15 routes for aircraft An-2
-Multiple snow caps in the city

Golden spike version
-Error of the saved contract.
– Pallets with dry and liquid fertilizers have been removed from the store, as their price does not match the game (and does not change the complexity of the game).
– Conversion of fertilizers into seeds in the seed storage at the base.
-Tips near the warehouse of seeds and fertilizers at the base.

Golden spike version 1.0.1
– Store icon on PDA card
-Some snow caps in the city
-Translations for the English version of the game (need a test)
– Hanging the game when opening or closing garages
-Some translations
-Sale of wood at a rented furniture factory
-Errors in the log about GarbageTrigger
-Inability to boot from the farm warehouses on the curtain
-Duplication of the Kuznetsov farm badge on the PDA map
-The question-tip between the fields is removed so that it does not interfere after the fields are combined.
– The crane for the logs, now it works (there are no trains, but the crane is already ready :))

———————— 2 ————————- —-
Popular modifications
One of the most popular modifications among players are CoursePlay and RM_Seasons.
Pay attention to some aspects of using these mods.
CoursePlay (Kursplay, KP)
1) To download, use the provided versions in the group of Alexander Dmitrenko:
2) The name of the archive !!! Required !!! must begin with a construction of the form ‘zzz_’.
RM_Seasons (Seasons)
1) Where to download:
2) View the changes in the versions on the developer site:
3) GEO Config with weather settings and crop growth plans are already sewn into the ‘Golden Ear’ card.

Choosing the difficulty of the game
The selected difficulty of the game at the beginning of a career affects various parameters:
1. The volume and duration of contracts.
2. The cost of a cubic meter in rent in warehouses.
3. The cost of an hour rental in warehouses.
4. Cost of aircraft services.
In addition, on the High level of complexity, you will be limited in acquiring machinery and equipment. This opportunity will directly depend on your rating. The higher it is, the more powerful and efficient equipment and equipment you can afford. I do not apply these restrictions to rent

In addition, on the High level of complexity, you will be limited in acquiring machinery and equipment. This opportunity will directly depend on your rating. The higher it is, the more powerful and efficient equipment and equipment you can afford. For rental, these restrictions do not apply.
We recommend the following levels of difficulty for starting a career, depending on your skills and experience:
Easy: for newbies of this series or similar cards.
Medium: for confident Farming Simulator players who have gone through the DC.
High: for experienced farmers who are not afraid of difficulties.

Career start
Welcome! You have arrived at the Priozersk railway station. This is the center of the picturesque region. The area is favorable for the cultivation of various crops, livestock, logging. In the region there are many factories and factories, as well as the greenhouse complex. The once thriving collective farm ‘Golden Ear’ has ceased to exist due to poor management. To cover the debts, the owner sells his property today. You face the task of reviving the collapsed collective farm ‘Golden Ear’. Be careful in your plans and decisions. The choice of a strategy to achieve the goal is yours. Use every opportunity! Dare!

Career Start – Sale
The bankrupt collective farm ‘Golden Ear’ owned various property: fields and farms, warehouses and yards, livestock farms, machinery and equipment. Today, all this is sold at a reduced price. You have a unique opportunity to participate in this event. You can inspect and purchase equipment on the Farm. Information on the objects you will find in the Real Estate Agency. Until the completion of the sale, the Bank, the Labor Exchange, the Store and the Garage equipment do not work. If the money in your account is no longer enough to buy the property, the sale will end. You must have time before closing, before 18:00. For the early completion of the card menu provides a button “Exit sale”. After completion of the sale of the remaining property and equipment will get other farmers. At your disposal 400.000, use them wisely.

Career Start – Competitors and Leaders
In the region there are other farms whose owners are not less than yours aimed at success. During your career, you will interact with them: hire them to work, purchase fields, building plots and factories from them. Some of them are more accommodating, some less. Also, from the start of a career among these competitors, a leader will be chosen by chance! He will strive to buy everything in the district, he is rich and ambitious. It will not be easy to buy property from him, as his prices are very high. Who is your main rival?

Interface – Map Menu
The map menu provides quick and convenient access to settings, information and management of the main objects on the map. Map settings you will find below in the corresponding section. For organizations, warehouses and factories have their own windows, which you can move to a place convenient for you on the screen. It is possible to switch between the categories ‘Plants’ and ‘Warehouses’, as well as within each of them between the objects. Simultaneous viewing of several windows is available (it is necessary to turn off the ‘Use one menu of objects’ setting). In such cases, in order to activate one of them, you need to LMB (Left Mouse Button) click on the name of the object. For some warehouses, the ability to upload content to the pallet is available – click on the product / resource name. To work with menus and windows provides hotkeys.

Interface – Hot Keys
right ‘Shift’ + ‘dot’ – show / hide the main menu of the map.
‘point’ – show / hide the cursor.
right ‘ctrl’ + ‘dot’ – the last closed window.
the right ‘Ctrl’ + ‘o’ is the farm storage window (player base).
In the factory / warehouse window:
left ‘Shift’ + click on the window name – call the list of plants / warehouses.
right ‘Shift’ + click on the window name – output information (the cost of maintaining and current rental of warehouses, if applicable) about the current object.
In the plants window:
right ‘Shift’ + click on ‘<> ‘- switch between the factory’s warehouses and production.
Standard switching between hand tools (chainsaws, etc.) through the mouse wheel is disabled, instead switching is possible via the ‘1’ and ‘2’ keys.

Interface – Settings (1)
– ‘Show tooltips’ – basic tooltips.
– “Show additional tips” – a novice player needs, for example, points of unloading of grain and vegetables at the base. After exploring the map can be disabled.
– “Re-show the training tips” – reset, reset the starting tips. Repetition is the mother of learning.
– ‘Remove sight from the center of the screen’ – disable the ‘sight’ – a small white circle in the center of the screen (in the default game).
– “Large icons with the names of the goods” – the icon and the name of the cargo over the HUD in the lower right corner of the screen.
– ‘Show pallet info’ – the name of the product / type and variety of seeds, the volume and weight of the pallet. You can delete – key ‘X’. If you have a lot of pallets and you do not use it, do not leave this setting enabled, as it creates an additional load on the computer.
– ‘Image of seed culture on a pallet’ – display of colors and icons corresponding to the type and type of seeds.
– ‘Removal of buildings and debris’ – when on. visible and active tips for the demolition of unnecessary objects. You can disable if you are not going to demolish anything.

Interface – Settings (2)
– ‘Use one menu of objects’ – turn off to be able to simultaneously display several windows of warehouses and factories.
– “Random events in the life of the farmer” – various events: theft of equipment, fuel drain, all kinds of damage and repairs. Not working yet, wait for map updates.
– ‘Control of dirt at the entrance’ – you will not be allowed to unload grain on a dirty car.
– “Wheels crush crops in the field” – trampling of plants (from the 2nd stage of growth) on their own and others’ fields (does not apply to hired workers, kurspley and Follow Me). Root crops will not be damaged, because they are in the ground. If you install narrow wheels – they will not harm the crop.
– ‘Shredded plants remain on the field’ – shredded straw and stalks of oil crops after a combine.

Interface – Settings (3)
– ‘Land purchase mode’ – this mode is described in detail below in the help.
– ‘Show the borders of purchased plots’ – territories acquired in the Land Purchase Mode.
– ‘Search for coins’ – a metal detector with a sound will let you know when there is a coin nearby.
– “Passenger flight by plane” – fertilizer from an airplane, the opportunity to sit next to the pilot.
– ‘Saving settings to an external file’ – the GoldenSpikeSettings.xml config is created in the mods folder, in which the map settings are saved (not the games!). This is convenient at the beginning of a new career, you do not have to re-switch the previously selected settings, or in a network game, when customers can adjust the settings for themselves individually, and you do not have to choose them again when you enter a network game.

Rating is the most important feature. Without it, successful development is impossible. The rating value is proportional to your possibilities when buying property. When a rating of 50 is reached, you will be able to purchase land plots (a separate help section is devoted to this). At the ‘high’ level of difficulty, you will be limited in acquiring machinery and equipment. This opportunity will directly depend on your rating. With its growth, you will open more and more powerful and effective machinery and equipment. This will require you to be more careful when making decisions. Do not forget that most of the actions, one way or another, will affect your rating.

Rating – Promotion
How to increase the rating?
1. Executed contracts: 1 point for each completed contract. At the conclusion of a contract with the use of coins will not accrue a rating score for the performance of the contract.
2. Trees sawn under license: 1 point for 50 trees.
3. The number of animals:
– Cows: 10 pcs = 1, 20 pcs = 2, 40 pcs = 3, 80 pcs = 4, etc.
– Pigs: 20 pcs = 1, 40 pcs = 2, 80 pcs = 3, 160 pcs = 4, etc.
– Sheep: 30 pcs = 1, 60 pcs = 2, 120 pcs = 3, 240 pcs = 4, etc.
4. The threshed area: 5 hectares = 1, 10 hectares = 2, 20 hectares = 3, 40 hectares = 4, etc.
5. Time in the game: 1 point for every 20 hours in the game.
6. Own objects: 1 point for each acquired property.

Rating – Downgrade
What can cause a loss of rating?
1. Disruption of the contract: 1 point for each contract not fulfilled, as well as a penalty.
2. Sale of real estate: by 1 point for each sold property.
3. Spill someone else’s trees without a license: 1 point for each tree, as well as a fine of 20,000.
4. Transactions with coins: 1 point for each transaction with the use of coins.
5. Railway violations:
– Travel by red light: 1 point, as well as a fine of 1000.
– Stop the train: 1 point, as well as a fine.
– The intersection of railways in the wrong place: 1 point, as well as a fine of 1000.
6. Failures of plants: 1 point for each accident at its plant.
7. Driving on foreign fields: 1 point for each journey, when destroying someone else’s crop fine.

For the development of the economy in the region there are many options: farmland, livestock farms, logging, industry.
You have the opportunity to immediately sell your crop, livestock, timber at points of sale or at a more favorable price under contracts. In the case of tenders, you can, by adjusting to them, adjust your plans for sowing, harvesting fodder, wood, or try to sell it all in fact. Maybe you will get warehouses and wait for more lucrative offers. In addition, the possibility of renting or acquiring plants and factories. The produced goods, for sure, will be more profitable to sell, rather than immediately raw materials. Remember that the prices of crops and goods are dynamic.
Wood was urgently needed – go ahead with the appropriate license. Are needed acreage, some objects – Real Estate Agency at your service. Small earnings – Labor Exchange.
Plan, try, correct chosen strategy – the key to successful development of the economy.
See the related help topics for more details.

Economy – Prices
Prices for crops and goods for free sale are available in the corresponding game menu (Esc key), for contracts – in the Contracts Exchange menu.
If you play without modifying RM_Seasons (Seasons), prices at the points of sale will not change, and for contracts they will be formed based on the situation on the exchange (there will always be a certain price range).
If you play with the RM_Seasons modification, the prices of crops and goods will constantly change throughout the year. The general dynamics of their changes (just the dynamics, not specific figures) can be traced in the RM_Seasons fashion menu (along with crop growth graphs and settings). Final prices at points of sale and contracts will differ.

Economy – Sales Points
In the region, only 3 organizations buy goods and raw materials without contracts: Garden Center, Kuznetsova Farm, Wholesale Base. Prices for various cultures for these sales points are available in the game menu (Esc key).
In the Garden Center you can sell: manure, liquid manure, digestate.
At Kuznetsov Farm you can sell: oilcake, bran, chopping; hay, straw in bales and loose, bales of silage.
At the wholesale base you can sell: grain; roots; timber and wood; wood chips, husks, oilcake, sugar cane, straw and hay pellets, sand, gravel; vegetables, wool, packaged eggs, meat, packaged wheat, rye and corn flour, sugar, packaged milk, butter, condensed milk, packed sunflower oil, pastries, cookies, canned corn, canned vegetables, vegetable stew, tomato paste, sausages, dumplings , furniture.

Economy – Shopping (1)
At the enterprises of the region you can purchase various goods. For sale only those types of raw materials and products that are used in the production. The purchase is carried out as follows: You find a glowing blue icon from the organization (or visit it through the map view, Esc key), in the appeared window opposite the product, use the mouse wheel to choose the quantity you need, you buy. The purchased item will be placed in the warehouse of the enterprise from which you purchased it. From there, you can pick it up. While the goods are in the warehouse of the enterprise, you will have to pay rent for its storage. To view information on the purchased product, open the window of the corresponding warehouse. The menu of the card provides the button ‘Purchased goods’, which will allow you to get acquainted with the list of the ‘contract’ goods purchased by you (the goods that appear on the Contract Exchange).

Economy – Shopping (2)
List of companies with a list of goods available for purchase.
Garden center: seeds, dry and liquid fertilizers.
Farm Kuznetsova: solid and liquid manure.
Hothouse complex: tomatoes, cucumbers, eggplants.
Elevator: wheat, rye, sunflower, corn.
Mill: wheat, rye and cornmeal.
Oil Extraction Plant: sunflower oil.
Sugar factory: sugar.
Dairy plant: butter, condensed milk.
Railway Station (near the passenger station): beets, potatoes, onions, carrots, sugar, butter, condensed milk, coal, cement.

Economy – Contracts
Companies specializing in various products operate in Priozersk and neighboring cities. Periodically, these organizations put up contracts on the Stock Exchange (see the section ‘Organizations – Contract Stock’) requests for the supply of a certain type of raw materials or goods (tenders), and local farmers try to sign contracts with these firms by offering their terms of delivery.
The task of the farmer is to offer optimal conditions under which the company signs a contract with him.
Cargo delivery to the enterprises of neighboring regions is carried out through the railway station or port. During the execution of the contract it is impossible to buy the goods necessary for the delivery, and, conversely, if there is a purchased product, it will not be possible to sign a contract for this product. You must first process the purchased volume of goods in the relevant enterprise.

All objects are located in the city and work from 8-18h. To begin, they must be detected, after which the corresponding icon will appear on the map.
With the exception of the Labor Exchange, all organizations are accessible from the main menu of the map, but only for viewing information. For signing contracts, contracts, obtaining a license, hiring you need your personal presence. You can quickly move through the map view (Esc key).

Organizations – Real Estate Agency
All contracts of sale / purchase of fields, territories, factories are concluded in this agency. In addition to the price of each object there is a requirement for rating. The higher the loyalty of the seller to you, the more compliant he will be during the transaction. For its conclusion you submit an application, then wait until the owner gives an answer. The price may be higher than the nominal value because the owner did not plan to sell the property. If the property belongs to the leader – his prices are even higher. The owner may refuse to sell his property, then the request for this object will be unavailable until 8 am the next day. Sometimes the agency will inform you about the urgent purchase of real estate on favorable terms. Price and rating requirement will be lower due to urgency.
The agent of this office is a numismatist, he will help you to make any transaction, even if you do not have enough rating. However, in return will require the amount of coins proportional to the missing rating. But remember, each such transaction negatively affects your rating.

* Organizations – Construction Company
Will appear in the next updates.

Organizations – Forest Protection Committee
A license for logging is issued at this organization. The forest protection committee demarcated the local forests into zones. When registering a license, you can select the zone, the required number of trees, their type and the validity of the permit. Based on your choice, the cost will be formed. After registration of the license, a small movable window will appear with current information about its status. It can be closed / opened through the main menu of the map. In addition, if you have an active license from one of the zones, then when you try to cut a tree in the other, you will see a warning in the center of the screen. On your own fields, bases and plots you can cut trees without a license and without penalty. Planting trees is allowed everywhere.
Remember! Illegal felling of trees will have a negative impact on your rating and it will hit you hard.

Organizations – Contract Exchange (1)
All contracts are in this organization. The list of actual requests (tenders) from various enterprises and plants for the supply of goods and raw materials is posted on the Contract Exchange. For convenience, there is a sorting by crop (goods) and customer enterprises.
In each of the tenders, the opportunity to choose the cost of a cubic meter of cargo and delivery options is available. Three ways of delivery:
1. The entire volume of the contract for the proposed time.
2. Half the volume in 2 hours, the second part in half the proposed time.
3. The entire volume of the contract for 2 hours.
Along with you, other farmers are fighting for the tender, offering their own conditions. Managers of firms are not inclined to trust “newcomers”, so all entrepreneurs have a reputation with each of the companies (see information about the tender, next to the name of the organization, the number in the asterisk). Its maximum value is 10.
The best of conditions, in the opinion of the management of the companies, are displayed in the information on the selected tender – these are your direct competitors. To obtain a contract you need to offer a better deal.

Organizations – Contract Exchange (2)
Factors affecting the choice of the company when considering proposals:
1. The reputation of the farmer in this enterprise. Management values ??stability.
2. The specified cost per cubic meter. The lower, the more attractive, and vice versa.
3. Selected delivery option. The shortest time is beneficial to the customer. The longest delivery option will have no effect.
Having defined your own conditions, you can offer them by clicking the appropriate button. You have 3 attempts, in case of the third refusal the tender will be closed for you.
Two services are available to you through a broker in this office: ‘Check’ and ‘Force’, to use, you must click the corresponding buttons in the tender window.
‘Check’ – allows you to know whether the company agrees to the current conditions. The cost of the service depends on your rating (total) and the selected difficulty of the game, starts from 1500 and reaches more than 10,000 for one request. The number of requests is not limited.

Organizations – Contract Exchange (3)

“Make” – allows you to force the company to sign a contract on your terms. The cost of the service is 2-5 gold coins, it depends on the general opinion of the management and the size of the price indicated per cubic meter. It is worth remembering that when concluding a contract with the use of coins, even if it is successfully completed, you will not receive a +1 point either in the rating (total) or in the reputation of the organization.
Successful completion of the contract increases your reputation by a point, but its disruption in terms of delivery or delivery reduces by a point.
Be careful when determining the cost per cubic meter in the tender, because a significant excess of the starting price may not like the company’s management, and your reputation will drop by 1 point. This is possible when interacting with organizations that assess your reputation by 3 points or more.
After signing the contract a window will appear with the relevant information. The maximum number of concurrent contracts: 8.
In addition, a list of all existing contracts, the ‘Active Contracts’ button is available from the map menu.

Organizations – Labor Exchange
Here you can draw up an employment contract. Do you have free time or need some income? Local farmers provide short-term work in their fields. For registration, you must select the field and start execution. For the successful completion of work, in addition to cash, you also increase the owner’s loyalty to you, which will further help in concluding transactions with him.

A great place to place and base the economy. For vehicles and equipment, a refueling station, a washing ground, carports, garages and hangars are provided here. The territory is equipped with storages for fuel, seeds and fertilizers, root crops, grain and two bulk cargo warehouses. In addition, there are various outbuildings, including a workshop, a canteen and a place of rest for workers. On the territory of the farm there is a railway branch for loading / unloading grain, root crops and bulk cargo.
For purchase, please contact the Real Estate Agency. It is worth remembering that energy carriers and the use of communications must be paid for, therefore the maintenance of the Farm will be 1200 per day.

Farm – Warehouses
To use fuel, seeds and fertilizers, they must first be purchased and delivered to the appropriate storage. You can buy fuel at any gas station. Seeds and fertilizers are sold at the Garden Center.
Storage of grain, root crops and bulk cargo are divided into parts, each of which can take only one culture. You can take all the parts of different cultures, or the same. Warehouse bulk cargo can be used to store the following crops: sugar cane, chips, bran, oilcake, husks, sand, gravel and coal.
The granary has 12 bunkers of 600 cubic meters. The warehouse of bulk cargo is divided into 3 parts of 500 cubic meters. Root storage is divided into 2 parts of 900 cubic meters, you can unload both indoors and outside near the gate, which is convenient for large bodies with vertical unloading.

Farm – Warehouse of seeds and fertilizer (1)
Seeds and fertilizers are stored in the hangar. After transportation, you can unload the seeds and fertilizers from the pallet and by standard unloading of the body / tank inside the hangar or near the gate.


Manuscript Game Team: Stasenko100 (Stanislav Stasenko), Igor29381 (Igor Lymar), Trigger (Andrei Krieger).
Help in the creation of technology – Weder (Ivan Petukhov).
Special thanks go to: Alexey Kuznetsov, Rostislav Zhukov, Oleg Repetilo, Alexander Dmitrenko, Gleb Orlov.
AlERK Modification (Creators of Manuscript GT)

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