Milk Trigger V 1.2 [MP]

Milk Trigger V 1.2

Milk Trigger V 1.2

Milk Trigger V 1.2

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This mod allows to collect milk from the cows and sell them

– MilkFillTrigger: placeable trigger. Here, the milk can be collected from the cows.
– MilkSellTrigger: placeable sales trigger for milk.

The trigger can be placed or will be placed in the game. In addition, the Kotte Pack recommended by Farmer_Andy for transportation, since overcharging means einens hose takes place.

In addition, a hot spot of the point of sale is displayed on the map.


Modell: Farmer_Andy
Textur: Farmer_Andy
Script: kevink98
Idee / Konzept: kevink98
Tester: LS-Modcompany

Milk Trigger V 1.2 [MP]
4.7 (93.75%) of 16

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