Sign Pack V 1.4 [MP]

Sign Pack V 1.1

Sign Pack V 1.1

Sign Pack V 1.1

Sign Pack.

Placeable signs with icons and names.

These signs can be used, to show what is on the ground, and where to place stuff.

Signs included:

Wheat, Barley, Canola, Soybean, Corn, Sunflower, Sugarbeet, Potato, Grass, Hay, Straw, Silage, Chaff, Woodchips, Seeds, Liquid fertilizer, Solid fertilizer, Wool, Shovel, Balespikes, Palletfork, Frontweights, Fuel, Left and Right.


Version 1.4

Fixed: Minor errors.

Version 1.3

Fixed: Issue with brand error.


idea by:


Tested by:



Coding by:


Pictures by:

jungle_strudsen, Oliviu Stoian, Alice Noir, Thilly Coppelmans, Leastspark, Gira Park, Anuar Zhumaev, Addylord, Hoffman, Dennis Tiensvold, Creative Stall, Pencil, Alex Fuller, Ashley Fiveash, Lastspark, Justin Blake and Shmidt Sergey.

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