2016 Ford F-350 Jerr-Dan Rollback V 1.0 [MP]

2016 Ford F-350 Jerr-Dan Rollback V 1.0

2016 Ford F-350 Jerr-Dan Rollback V 1.0

2016 Ford F-350 Jerr-Dan Rollback V 1.0

Introducing the 2016 Ford F-350 Rollback Jerr-Dan 20 ft this truck has a fully functioning Bed and wheel lift that has trailer attachers for all high and low attacher with the wheel lift having adjustable height you can adjust for any trailer also if Another Vehicle has a attacher joint you can tow it with this truck It Has led light bar strobe Led’s in front grill side mirror’s and downsides of bed I have added work lights And Decal’s as A Jerr-Dan 20ft Steel bed Diamond Plate floor


Fuct’d Modding
Truck Model by: Alagoas modding
Converted by: Thijs1239
Finished conversion And Added Some touch’s to it Thunderhawk09
Thunderhawk09 Rollback conversion

2016 Ford F-350 Jerr-Dan Rollback V 1.0 [MP]
4.5 (89.23%) of 13


  • Doesn’t go forward or backwards en doesn’t let you return to the game from the menu.

  • Would this be download to Xbox one if so how do I come about doing that

    • will is da best

      no Ryan xbox and ps mods can only be downloaded off of the ingame modhub and not all off the pc mods can be downloaded on the ingame mod hub for xbox1 and ps

  • Looks like a sweet mod, but I cant drive forward or backwards.
    The only thing that acctually works is one orange light bar, move the bed and the wheel lift.

    My game is updated, I removed all mods and play with only this one. it still dont work.

    Everything kinda locks up for me once I get in the car. cant move the mouse, cant get out again, if I change vehicle with tab, I hear the other vehicles engine, but I only see your ford. There is something we are missing here.
    please help us man.

  • Hello. How do I get the mod.

  • you gotta unzip

  • download unzip ecstract done

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