UAL Marshall BC / 32 – boards Palette V 1.1 [MP]

UAL Marshall BC / 32 - boards Palette V 1.0

UAL Marshall BC / 32 - boards Palette V 1.0

UAL Marshall BC / 32 – boards optimized

(Beta version)

Changelog of the UAL Marshall BC / 32 – Bretter-Paletten optimized (The Mod was extensively tested in the SP and on the Dedi and the log is error-free).

* Boards for the sawmills added or optimized.

* Automatic loading of bales, pallets and boards.

* UAL trigger widened, so you do not have to go so close to charging.

* Worker extension wider tires.

* Factory extension colored rims.

* Loading area widened.

* Ablademakierung blue colored and the white background removed, thus it acts properly noble. 😉

* Unloading page selectable:

* Washable, tire dust, unloading side selectable.

* Illumination (reversing light, tail light, turn signal, brake light, all-round warning light).

* 100% Multiplayer and Dedi compatible.

Short instructions and explanations:

The Marshall BC / 32 can load up to a maximum of 8 deck pallets. However, it is basically overcharged for the weight of the pallet pallets, so the recommendation is for 4 to 6 board pallets.

And why was the possibility of a maximum of 8 boards palleted? Well, because it should be bit as in the reality, because there is not synonymous not everyone and always to the specifications for the permissible maximum total weight. 😉

Just as a hint, if you want to load 8 boards. After you have loaded the boards, you have to press z as usual for final charging. However, if you have loaded 8 boards, they are slowly slipping back from the trailer because of the overweight. Here are two ways to counter this:

1) After charging the 8 boards, press the Z key and immediately press the L key. The whole thing has to go fast, so that the boards pallets have no chance of slipping off the trailer.

2) After loading the 8 boards, press the L button and DO NOT press the Z button. The tensioning straps are then placed under the boards, but the weight of the boards is not used and it runs as if The hanger would be empty. I know this is less real, but whoever wants to do it can do the same. 😉

The UAL Marshall BC / 32 can be found in the shop not under bale technology, but because of the optimization of the boards under the category forestry equipment.

The required keys (Y, X, Z, L and B) are displayed in the F1 menu.

Key Y = Selection of the load.

Button X = On or Off the automatic charging process.

Key Z = Function 1: After recharging to place the load on the trailer (real weight).

Button B = Select the unload side.

Key Z = Function 2: After selecting the unload side with the B key, the key Z can be automatically unloaded.

And now have fun with the new Marshall BC / 32 – boards optimized,


Modell: GAINTS / Pandahma.
Script: killabot / Pandahma (Anpassung Bretter-Paletten).

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