Wienhoff 20200 VTW V 2.0 [MP]

Wienhoff 20200 VTW V 1.0

Wienhoff 20200 VTW V 1.0

Wienhoff 20200 VTW V 1.0

Here is a Wienhoff 20200 VTW barrel.
It costs 67000 €.
The cost is 45 €.
It packs 20200 liters.

It needs 150HP, but I recommend 240HP with wheel weight.

Working width of approx. 15.8 meters

Log again error free
New Particle System
New shop pictures
Tire tracks
All lights are from Ls17 (rear light, working light …)

You have to fill it with the “manure pit” with “R”.

It is still to be awake later and has to have tire pressure.


Modell: steyr1 Textur: Katsuo,L4Icce
Ingame: John Deere 6930
Script: John Deere 6930
Performance-Tuning: MadMax
Reifen&Felgen: PES 4ever
Konventierung: Boby-2000

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