HKL Flatbed with UAL V 1.0 [MP]

HKL Flatbed with UAL V 1.0

HKL Flatbed with UAL V 1.0

HKL Flatbed with UAL V 1.0

I have times the UAL script in the BallenContainer of Giants built. For this I used the V3 of the UAL scripts and made a small change:

Since I do not use HD bales, I have changed in the script the query for HD bales in pallets and set the TG so that BigBags can be stacked stacked in 2 levels. The help texts are changed accordingly. You have to be careful that there are no pallets in the area when you select this option. BigBags fall into the category “Fillable Pallet”, thus would be loaded and then rumpelts at the Flatbed :).

If this option is not available, the original UAL script (scripts / UAL_V2.lua) is included. Simply copy to scripts / UAL.lua and you have the original version. The original texts are commented in moddesc.xml.

Still: The charging points for Ultima, Ultima4 and Bigbales are also not fully developed (because I have such bales also not have :)). In the vehicle xml are only 2 TGs attracted, so you have a start. If you want, you can do it yourself.

In my log are no errors, I hope you will not come.



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