PNO configuration (front attachment):
– Towing loop;
– Front weight bracket (+50kg);
– Front weights (+450kg);
– Front weights in 2-row design (+900kg);
– PNU (front attachments);
– PNU with PTO (front mounted equipment with power take-off shaft).

Steering wheel selection:
– There are 4 options available.

Footboard selection:
– 3 or 4 steps.

– There are 3 hood options to choose from.

Hood design:
– For each of the 3 hoods, there is a choice of design in the form of stickers / ornaments / drawings in 2 versions.

On-board/trip computer (installed on the cab side pillar):

Displays the following information:
– In-game time (digital parameter);
– Enable turn signals (graphic parameter);
– Engine speed (digital parameter);
– Speed ​​(digital parameter);
– Instantaneous fuel consumption (digital parameter);
– Operating time of MTC of the tractor (digital parameter);
– Fuel level (digital parameter);
– Protective frame for working in the forest.

There are 3 installation options to choose from:
– Left;
– On right;
– Left/Right.

Side window design:
– It is a Belarusian ornament in white.

Tinted glass:
There are 3 options to choose from:
– Without toning;
– Tinted rear and side windows;
– Tinted doors, as well as rear and side windows.

– There are 6 mufflers to choose from. When choosing some mufflers, it is possible to move an additional tank and a battery box (depending on the choice of configurations).

Tractor serial number:
– On the choice of numbers from 01-10. Applied to the left door.

Windshield Design:
– Represents various inscriptions with and without a background, in the upper part of the glass. There are 10 options to choose from.

Engine choice:
There are two engine options with their own sounds to choose from:
– D-260 – 155 hp
– DEUTZ-TCD2012L062V – 178 HP

Front loader mount:
– At the moment there is only a mount for the default STOLL loader.

Wheel choice:
– Standard;
– Standard with rear spacers for twins;
– Rear twin wheels;
– Rear twin wheels 1 option;
– Rear twin wheels option 2;
– Narrow wheels;
– Rear narrow paired wheels.

Version 1.1 for Farming Simulator 2017 (v1.5):

The choice of wheels was set by relatives from the 19th:
– Standard;
– Standard with rear spacers for twins;
– Rear twin wheels;
– Rear and front twin wheels 1 option;
– Rear and front twin wheels option 2;
– Narrow wheels;
– Rear narrow twin wheels;
– Rear and front narrow paired wheels.
– Fixed hitcher trailer;
– Changed the world.
– Rewrote the configuration store to make it a little clearer.


Original creator: Bear Farm.
Envelope author: -=F@RMeR=-.

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