MF5600 by 3dPTeam

MF5600 by 3dPTeam

Vehicle taken from the standart game (Lumiklp411)
Mash split (Lumiklp411)
Doors, windows, seat, armrest, terminals Per IC (Lumiklp411)
Transparent grille (Lumiklp411)
Engine built
Gerarbox (by @ls_pics_by_driftcar)
New tires (PIx_by_zweitakter)
Passenger Script (Lumiklp411)
Animated pedals (Lumiklp411)
Animated Monitor (Lumiklp411)
cleaned up in Dowload redy (PIx_by_zweitakter)
Old MF logo + deco bonnet (PIx_by_zweitakter)
New tires (PIx_by_zweitakter)
Testing (Lumiklp, Deutzi, Schorschi, SeppiLP, two-stroke)


Lumiklp Zweitakter Driftcar (3dPTeam)

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