MF 8700 V [SP]

MF 8700 V

MF 8700 V

MF 8700 V

This is the standard MF because I have revised.

What he got everything now:

Terra tire mat and gloss selectable

Warning signs buyable

Inboard computer purchasable with lighting

Indoor sounds installed

IC installed

DH and Adblue installed

Gloss reduced

Body and rims Colors adapted to standard colors and 7 colors Extra

Tire pressure script installed

Rauchscript installed

Authorization script built

Lights renewed

Reversing light installed in LED style

Adcofig script installed

Shopconfig script installed

Motor settings adjusted correctly

many small adjustments in the XML and I3d


Alex Blue

MF 8700 V [SP]
3.8 (75.56%) of 9

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