Fendt 939 Sport V 2.2.1 [MP]

Fendt 939 Sport V 2.2.1

Fendt 939 Sport V 2.2.1

Fendt 939 Sport V 2.2.1

I have times the Fendt 900 made 🙂

On the whole it is mainly about the 939

What has been changed:


Xenon built up Season ready made ie. more radiance forwards and backwards.

Turning on the working lights changed first switch on the front working lights and then the rear ones

Illuminated interior

Have me from a Fendt the cabin light rauskopiert and installed


Wide tire with wheel weights

Have here 5 different tires kombi with built in tires are TM 1000 wide tires with wheel weights

Lettering in the colors Red White Green Yellow Blue

Rim color is freely selectable

Tire pressure dampers and springs were adjusted, braking force increased

General tractor:

Weight of 900t of approx. 10t. to about 17t. elevated

The license plate of Blacky_BPG has been installed

It takes a while from the horizon

PS adjusted from 390 to 590 increased tractive force

Prices lowered 🙂

Black lacquered roof

Interior also kept in the black design (not as beautiful as I wanted)

Auspuffqualm now also smokes black

There will not be any preliminary ICs as well as warning cafe l


Modell: Giants / Wiese
Textur: Giants / Wiese
Idee / Konzept: Wiese
Tester: Wiese
Sonstige: Blacky_BPG Kennzeichen Script

Fendt 939 Sport V 2.2.1 [MP]
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