Repair your vehicles v 1.31 [MP]

Repair your vehicles v 1.1

Repair your vehicles v 1.1

This mod lets you repair your vehicles and equipment, so you have to pay less maintenance costs.

However, the repair is not free! The repair costs are calculated as follows:
Repair costs = purchase price x 0.08 x (Hours * 0.036)
Example Valtra N Series

Purchase price = 119,000
Hours = 32,2h

119,000 x 0.08 x 1.1592 = ~ € 11,050

To repair the vehicle / equipment, you just have to

have enough money (you can not repair machines for example € 10,000 if you only € 5,000)
go to the vehicle (distance should be less than 3.5 m) and press the Z key (also visible in the Help window)

Version 1.31

Da ich keinen Dedi habe, kann ichs leider nicht testen, sollte aber wieder auf Dedi-Server funktionieren!



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