Money Mod v 1.0

Money Mod v 1.0

CTRL + ALT + 9 = 100 000



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  • thanks rimdov, I was looking in the wrong place, as usual

  • OMFG, if you’re that hard up for money just edit the SaveGame file using Notepad. there is NO need to download a damn mod for it

  • What if you just want to buy one machine.. you have to quit out of the game

  • JHyper,
    whilst I understand your point, not everyone has the confidence to do that. Someone on this thread had to ask where to place mods, I’ll be they are not able to edit .xml files? I see mods, like spongebob stuff and ask myself WTH? then my 4 year old grandson sees it and has to have it. Horses for courses, just because you don’t need this mod, there will be some people who will need it.
    I write mods, as do both my sons, but I have a money cheat so, as Oysters pointed out, I don’t need to log out when I want to buy something quickly. the whole thing about the FS community is, there are kids as young as 4 or 5 playing, and oldies like me, in their 60’s and older playing. It’s what makes the game so much fun!

  • I know where to put mods , Oldmann, just `forgot` the folder trail. as you do….at 72
    a poet and I know it heh! heh!
    I use money cheat, times running out for me
    And I edit .xml files…a lot

  • Lol I play on XBox 1. Don’t even know if I can edit a file or not I play for the fun not to cheat.

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