Gearbox-Config with additional tractors V 4.0 [SP]

Gearbox-Config with additional tractors V 2.0

Additional Gearbox-Config for the following tractors:

IHC 1255/1455

John Deere 6m-Serie

JohnDeere 6030Premium

MB-Trac alt

MB-Trac Klein

MB-Trac Mittel

MB-Trac Gross

Fendt 500C-Baureihe

Fendt Favorit 600-Baureihe

Add the file simply to your “mods”-folder. Gearbox-Addon has to be installed !

Used lot of test-archives and tried to match the original feeling of the engines as good as possible.

Gear-pattern is optimised for the available shifter-systems, for example the 8-Speed-Box of the large MB-Trac is converted in 6-Speed.

Thanks to Mogli/Biedens for this phantastic tool !


Biedens / Mogli

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