Slurry pack v

Slurry pack v

Slurry pack v

Slurry pack v

today I can introduce you to my final version of my slurry pack.
Some may already know it from Modhoster. For all those who do not
know, here is a small introduction, what the pack can do everything.

The pack serves to make the slurry output as realistic as possible
shape. There are some functions that make this possible.

All features are multiplayer and Dedicated and tested.
A big thank you goes to Dj ToBe (Word of Farming Team) for the support
at Dediserver-Ready and test. Was really ne great work.

First of all, it is no longer enough to load, just next to the drum
and press the R key. You must first use the suction arm in the
Insert the rubber studs. For this you need less than 15cm to the cuff center
position. The current distance is displayed at the bottom right.
In addition, a hud appears in the lower right, which turns green when you
overloaded. Then simply click “Start / Stop Filling” (Intputbinding IMPLEMENT_EXTRA3)
press, then go. The overload speed depends on the speed
In-game time. That means, if you play in Realtime (1x), then the
Pump performance, which also has the barrel in genuine. If the barrel is a 6000l / min pump
has filling for 18000l 3min. Has the ingame time 5x then is the
Speed ??5x higher. Especially for Dedi servers that play realtime, though
the fill goes too slowly, the turbo fill mode (button “Turbo overload active” intputbinding KEY_KP_4)
activate. Then the factor can be specified for each barrel in the XML.
The default is 15x.

All Veenhuis and Kotte barrels have a purchaseable suction arm.
If you do not buy a suction arm, the filling process can be carried out again by pressing button R.
The suction arm can be pre-positioned by means of the “pipe-fold” function and returned to
Park position. The preposition can be over
Button “Suction arm pre-positioning further forward” / “Suction arm pre-positioning further back”
(Inputbinding KEY_KP_plus / KEY_KP_minus)
in the 10-degree grid. The control then goes via Mousecontrol.

The Zunhammer drums have the suction arm as standard.

For filling at the manure pit you can place the docking station in the Gülletrigger,
and directly dock with the suction arm at the docking station and “suck” from the manure pit.
If you do not want to use a docking station, fill again with key R.

All dispensers have a variable dispensing control. about
Button “Increase application rate” / “Reduce output quantity” (Inputbinding KEY_KP_plus / KEY_KP_minus)
the output can be adjusted in m³ / ha (cubic meters per hectare). The
Delivery rate is adapted to the vehicle speed automatically.
The cultivators and disc harrows are designed for the Manure Mod. You should have this with you
the Manure-Mod use, you get for equal work of the manure 2 fertilizer levels.
If the Manure-Mod is not used, it slips at one level.
All dispensers are switched on and off via “Implement raise / lower”.

The dispensing devices, which can be seen clearly, have parithelium at the hose outlets.
The tow hose rods leave behind the “dung texture”. This can be done with the Vogelsang Swing-Max
can be switched on / off using the button “Slurry texture on / off” (Inputbinding KEY_KP_4).

The Vogelsang Swing-Max tubing harness deserves its own heel.
The working width can be adjusted via the button “Split 1 + 10” (Inputbinding KEY_lshift KEY_down)
from 30m to 24m.
Use button “Fold partial widths 2 + 9” (Inputbinding KEY_lshift KEY_up)
from 24m to 18m.
At 30m working width there are 10 partial widths,
Button “Sub – width from right to left” (Inputbinding KEY_KP_7) of
right to the left and with button “partial widths from left to right” (Inputbinding KEY_KP_9)
from left to right. At 24m, there are 8 partial widths and
at 18m 6. Via button “split all connect on” (Inputbinding KEY_KP_8) you can again
switch all sub-widths on.
Via button “SwingMax up and down” (Inputbinding KEY_KP_0) you are able to transfer the data
raise and lower the rods.

All excavation drums have a telescopic axle that can be bought
Button “Telescope axis in / out” (Inputbinding IMPLEMENT_EXTRA2) and 3 tire sets.

If you use the frontdocks, the spreading drum should not have a suction arm. Otherwise there
there is overlap in the indication of the distance to the cuff.

Now an overview of all contained vehicles with their functions:

1x docking station
– for filling on the slurry bearing with suction arm
– 2 Animated rubber cuffs for docking with suction arm

1x Frontdock Zunhammer
– Raise / lower hose under tractor via implement / adjust mousecontrol to tractor
– Front camera for easier docking

1x Frontdock Zunhammer Highline
– Suction arm with 2 joints and telescopic
– Raise / lower hose under tractor via implement / adjust mousecontrol to tractor
– Front hydraulics for transport of the docking station or additional front weight
– Front camera for easier docking

1x Kotte field edge container
– 2 Animated rubber cuffs for docking with suction arm

1x built-up roof Terra-Variant Zunhammer TV
– 19000l capacity
– Suction arm with 2 joints and telescopic
– Rear view camera

1x Zunhammer SKE 19500
– 19500 liters capacity
– Buyable telescopic axle
– 3 wheel sets
– Suction arm with one joint and telescopic
– Buyable rubber cuff, thus also usable as a feeder

3x Veenhuis Premium Integral
– 1-axle 16000l capacity
– Tandem 22000l capacity
– Triedem 30000l of capacity
– All available telescopic axles
– All 3 wheel sets
– All purchaseable suction arm with 2 joints and telescopic
– All reversing camera
– Triedem automatic lifting axle Level control (level).



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