John Deere Super Pack V 1.0 [MP]

John Deere Super Pack V 1.0

John Deere Super Pack V 1.0

John Deere Super Pack V 1.0

Aqui está o esperado pack John Deere, não percas mais tempo e começa a fazer dowload de todos os tratores john Deere de uma só vez.

Here is the pack that everybody is waiting for, all John Deere machinery in an only pack.

John Deere W330
John Deere 7930
John Deere 7430
John Deere 7810
John Deere 8110


Giants, Kondziu25, RedFox
Creative Commons Lizenzvertrag
Steenkamp Modding

John Deere Super Pack V 1.0 [MP]
3 (60%) of 9


  • Garbage repackage of other broken JD equipment
    — John Deere W330 – Light textures are broken & tries to use a ton of deprecated call outs

    — John Deere 7930 – Missing top/center link on all 3 point linkages

    ** John Deere 7430 – actually works and appears to be usable as is

    — John Deere 7810 – works fine until you hire a worker. then Lua error from scripting mainly due to ‘maxTurningRadius’ (a nil value)

    — John Deere 8110 – Broken XML therefore does not show up in game

  • Cooollllll!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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