No Grass Crop Destruction v

No Grass Crop Destruction v 1.0

Please note that this mod was based on the version of Giants 4Real Module 01 – Crop destruction mod and therefore, despite it not destroying grass, it will still destroy radishes and not recognise thin wheels properly as the Giants mod had these bugs in it originally. I am going to make this mod compatible with the newer Giants version from ModHub and will release it soon.

This is a modded version of the original Giants 4Real Module 01 – Crop destruction mod.

Some people don’t like the grass on a map to be destroyed along with the other crops, my self included, so I adjusted the original mod to avoid this. All crops will still be destroyed as usual by driving over them (unless you use care wheels) but grass won’t.


Simply drop the zip into your mods folder and activate in game for your map. Remember to de-activate or delete the original 4Real Module 01 – Crop destruction mod if you have it installed to avoid conflicts.


I am not the original author of the crop destruction script. I have merely made a small change to stop grass from being destroyed and take no credit for the original excellent mod whatsoever.


– Updated to use the latest version of 4Real Module 01 – Crop destruction, which now doesn’t destroy oil seed radish and recognises thin wheels properly. Caruelle Nicolas Stilla 460 and New Holland SP.400F are properly detected as using care wheels will not destroy crops anymore.


Original mod:

Emil Drefers

No Grass mod:


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