Hired worker consumes fuel seed and fertilizer v 1.0

Hired worker consumes fuel seed and fertilizer v 1.0

This is a mod I took from FS15 and converted to FS17.
Apparently works correctly.
I take no credit for this, because I did not make it.
The mod makes the hired worker consume fuel, seed and fertilizer. The same as was in FS15.


Converted by Christian Ohlweiler

2.9/5 - (10 votes)


  • if you go into the options menu in game you can change so the hired worker consumes fuel and seed/fertilizer. this is an unneccesary mod.

  • you are a idiot there is already options for this built into the game

  • Человек явно не играл в игру, он тупо конвертирует моды для игры в которую не играет, ппц идиот 😀

  • Another “mod creator” that thinks he’d done well. But he didn’t, as so many times.
    Those converted mods tend to got one or more bugs in them to. Calling for an lua file from FS15 is one of those bugs, resulting in callstack loops that crash your game.

    Make them from scratch or don’t bother at all. And this one is the most obsolete conversion out there. It’s hard coded in the game for cryin’ out loud.

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