Kiefer Marked Set V 1.1 [MP]

Kiefer Marked Set V 1.0

Kiefer Marked Set V 1.0

Kiefer Marked Set V 1.0

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Today I have for you completely NEW and freely placeable pine trees!

The trees have all standard features / attributes as the original LS17 trees!

This time I decided to create variables only 4 standard!

The reason for this is that is does not affect the store overview, and some people may not need any 40 different trees in the game!

Therefore, there will be 3 different packages from me, so can you you adjust individually what you will have for trees!

The packages:

Standard: 4 sizes – 10m, 18m, 25m, 18m thin ->

Extension: Selected trees 10m, 18m, 25m, 18m thin (This mod)

Special: Krumme and “Aussergewönliche” trees (not included)

Other Information:

Your feedback is important to me, so write in the comments what you like or what you like less! The important thing that you Constructive criticism is this exercise, will destroy anything or Ignored! Let an evaluation and recommendation because if you like the mod, really only takes 5 seconds)

Version 1.1

Bäume bewegen sich nach dem fällen – Fixed
Collisions Mask angepasst



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