Banner v 1.1 [MP]

Banner v 1.0

Banner v 1.0

Banner v 1.0

It has always bugged me, why are in Goldcrest Valley US flags and none Germany flag.

So did for a simple way wanted to change this and have devised this small change:

German flag . Later requests came after a GDR flag, so I also installed it there.

Unfortunately I was not able to see the Giants Editor insert more than a shelter at the time.

Thus, I could not satisfy various requests for a placeable version.

This situation changes. The company Lizard had pity on us and has some old pipes bent into shape.

I present to you here 3 different flags (USA, Germany, GDR) available. These can be placed.

Giants has not yet invented any icons that make it easy are to go to a place of interest,

therefore had to be installed with a trigger, so that one sees the banner on the PDA and one for roll call



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