Tarn V 5.2.2 [MP]

Tarn V 1.0

Tarn V 1.0

Tarn V 1.0

Tarn V 1.0

Tarn V 1.0


27 fields from 1.13 to 19 ha

Meadows with about 9.5 ha at the farm

Ls 17 standard cultures

large yard with animals, storage and machine parking

living village

gold nuggets

Pig trader, cow dealer and shepherd searat


Bakery, Brewery, Coke, Greenhouses, Barrel Factory, Sawmill, Pallet Factory, Charcoal, Cardboard, Dairy, Pasta, Rum, Whiskey, Seeds, Fertilizer, Soy Milk, Weaving, Sugar Mill, Compost, Biogas

Sale : Edeka, garden center, grain trade, spinning mill, sawmill, straw, manure, grass, manure, biogas

necessary downloads to the full gaming experience:

Kastor’s Meat Processing

Svapa biogas plant: https://www.modhoster.de/mods/platzierbare-biogas-anlage

You need the followers of the modpacks.


Kevin98, Marhu, FalPos, theRobbi66, ferbmann98, Blackburner, Arii, Weedi, Elk97, checker507, MoriceSpencer, Trixi, Solanz, devin, harrybo, 20mmNormandy, PowerPeter008,

Tarn V 5.2.2 [MP]
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