Stiffi 2017 v 3.1 [MP]

Stiffi 2017 v 1.0

Stiffi 2017 v 1.0

Stiffi 2017 v 1.0

Stiffi 2017 v 1.0

Stiffi 2017 v 1.0

Since I was irritated that the cow and sheep pastures are also the LS17 far away from the farm, I have time off law.

The yard is larger and has new vehicles.

I fixed on the map all errors (there should be no error because now) the log is error free.

I will Stiffi 2017 Map expand ever further!



3.7/5 - (8 votes)


  • just locks up the game…

    • Map works fine.

    • If it locks your game I would take out other mods, one at at time, until you find the one that causes the conflict! Assuming of course that you DO have the latest patch installed and you are running a LEGAL copy of the game? (Illegal copies from torrent sites are notorious for causing problems like that!) I had a Russian made tractor mod (Not from this web site) which caused the Tyrolean map to freeze, turned out it had some extra bits in it that were harming a lot of stuff.

  • I love this map and have played over 40 hours on it. Thank you for making a functional map with all the animals near the farm and also having lots of room. I would like 2 things changed for the next version possible. The small water fountain by field 12 should be moved closer to farm or removed since we can buy water towers. Also, the cobblestone courtyard is nice but it won’t allow me to add any placeables which is kind of annoying since it’s such a large empty area.

    • Stiffi… found a major issue. The large shed you placed for Wood-chips, potatoes and sugar-beets doesn’t work. I’ve tried dropping wood-chips and sugar-beets and it dump but no pile ever grows and it never shows on my menu.

      ***Also… there’s a map called Muzza’s Map… his cows, pigs, silos are an exact copy of yours. Feels like he took your map and edited it. Also doesn’t give credit to you. I might be wrong, but I doubt it.***

      • Forgot something, the silo takes sugar-beets… just that large shed below field 12 doesn’t work. Any way you could turn that into a storage?

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