North Frisian march 4-fold map V 2.1 [MP]

North Frisian march 4-fold map V 1.1

North Frisian march 4-fold map V 1.1

North Frisian march 4-fold map V 1.1

North Frisian march 4-fold map V 1.1

North Frisian march 4-fold map V 1.1

North Frisian march 4-fold map

Moin moin people, after a long construction time, it is finally time and I publish the first version of the 4-fold map.

North German landscape with 45 fields and 16 grass fields. 4 farms and 4 biogas plants, Hühnerhof and Rinderhof. Extra fruit varieties Oats, rye and hops. Take a look at the video for the map presentation in peace.

Huge production and sales opportunities:

Cattle Breeding -> Cows
Chicken farm -> eggs
Sawmill -> board pallets
Wood chipper -> wood chips
Pallet plant -> empty pallets
Composter -> Compost
Flour Factory -> Wheat, barley and rye flour
Bakery -> Bread, pastries and cakes
Brewery -> wheat or barley beer
Fruit farm -> apples, pears, cherries and plums
Vegetable farming -> salad, tomato, red cabbage and cauliflower
Distillery -> Obstler and Korn
Cutter -> fish and crabs
Dairy -> milk, butter, cream, quark and yogurt
Pellets Factory -> Pellets
Stoffrabik -> fabric rolls
Sugar factory -> sugar
Pumpkin Farm -> Pumpkin
Cement factory -> Cement
Butcher -> Meat and sausage
Dieselfabrik -> Diesel
Edible oil factory -> cooking oil
Potato washing plant -> washed potatoes
Potato Factory -> French fries, potato sack and chips
Compound feed -> compound feed for cows / cattle
Pig Feed Mixer -> Pig Feed
Farm shop with sale of fruits and vegetables -> cash boxes
fertilizer production
seed production
sand production
Construction site with sale of sand, gravel and cement -> cash boxes
Bridge construction to get to the big island
3 supermarkets, 2 pallet points of sale and stadium for sale of the products
6 outlets for grain + horse farm, straw power plant, heating and straw / grass sales
Bank for the exchange of cash boxes



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  • AMAZING!!! Congratulations with the great work!
    Are you planning to make it SEASON ready?
    Best regards….

  • Hi i am needing help. Your map is amazing by far the best map i have played on 2017 wish there was one like this when i had 2015. I am needing help. What mods do i need for your map and also how to i make pallets and pallet plastic?

  • Not possible to hire a worker !

  • Seasons seemed to work.
    It loaded up normally.
    I get about 10 seconds into the game and my vehicle gets stuck.
    You have to reset it.
    Theirs nothing around it to get stuck on.
    This Map has Major Problems.
    I loaded it up 5 times and drove in different directions.
    With the same result.

  • Salut , je ne trouve pas les legumes …..

  • hi , I have a question for you, Is it possible to have the map without trench please ?

  • How can you hide the big text box in the right side

  • Hi Farmers

    Have some issues loading “Rinder” or cows at farm at buttom of the map. Simply cant spot the trigger at the woodramp at front at the building. How do i load the Cows/Rinder to animalwagon???

  • where do i find the iron or steel to build the bridge

  • ¿Dónde encuentro el hierro o el acero para construir el puente?

  • The map is fantastic but I can not find it. Where do I find the iron or the steel to build the bridge?

  • Cómo lleno los estanques de Fuel en donde se hace el cemento no puedo AYUDAAAAA

  • to get the steel you have to use gold that you refine at the construction site from a material you mine at the sand pit. take the gold to the building in town that looks like a supply store and put gold on pedestal. then the steel will appear after a certain amount of time


    is a german map

  • can you plaese the new version of

    NORTH FRISIAN MARCH 4-FOLD MAP 2.0 ohne Gräben uppen?!

  • hi i have a little problem. i downloaded the map. but when i try to start the map in a game, it kick me out of the game and to the windows screen. 🙁 it works on my boys pc perfectly, and its a very nice map. do you have any idea whats the problem

  • Very nice map. Hard to know what is needed in the factories as it is not in English. Very tough for those of us who are not multi lingual.

  • El mapa me agrada mucho es muy completo, lo que talves seria conveniente para un mapa de esta naturaleza es que las rutas sean mas anchas, es dificil circular con vehiculos grandes

  • schlaknschnizl44

    How can you hide the big text box in the right side?

  • Put cameras on gantries are bad. Not it will give oneself at all to work.

  • Hallo superbuilders
    Ik wil eerst zeggen dat het de favorieten map van mij is. Heb er al vele uren in zitten maar zit met 1 vraag.
    Op welke server kan ik deze multiplayer eventueel spelen?

  • How do you turn off panel on right and is there a large PDF of this map?

  • Не работает . Нет про мода производства. И не поставить производства. . И на карте есть подемы дорог. слишком крутые. что машина сильно висит. колеса не касаются земли.

  • could you write the map in English I try to translate the words germen to English not all the words translate
    it is a woderfull map the best I have ever played my mom and dad spoke low germen so I know some word
    but not all the words so it would nice to know all words so I can play the game

  • how do I fine the empty palette facktory or just empty pallets
    how do I get the money to buy the pallets in hardware store
    please help me

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