Norge Crest Valley 17 V 2.8 [MP]

Norge Crest Valley 17 V 2.1

Norge Crest Valley 17 V 1.0

Norge Crest Valley 17 V 1.0

Norge Crest Valley 17 V 1.0

Norge Crest Valley 17 V 1.0

Changelog of the NorgeCrest Valley 17 v2.4 (The map was extensively tested in the SP and on the Dedi and the log is faultless).

A new score should be started. *
* NEW: Ready for LS17 Patch 1.5.1.
* NEW: Ready for GIANTS LS17 Platinum Add-On.
* NEW: Sugar cane installed.
* NEW: Sugarcane can be sold at all outlets.
* NEW: Sugarcane can be stored on all silos.
* NEW: Sugarcane can be sown and harvested – if the Platinum Add-On is installed.
* NEW: AdBlue-Mod installed.
* NEW: An AdBlue fuel pump is installed at the two filling stations.
* NEW: In the yard an AdBlue warehouse including fuel pump installed.

* Sugarcane Note, Platinum Add-on and New Score:
To ensure a reasonable and error-free compatibility with the current LS17 patch 1.5.1, a lot had to be done at the NorgeCrest.

It now behaves similar to the GIANTS standard maps and can be played with or without the Platinum Add-On and in both cases, as with the GIANTS standard maps,

at the NorgeCrest now also displayed cane.
Anyone who has installed the GIANTS LS17 Platinum Add-On can now also grow, harvest, store and sell the new GIANTS cane on the NorgeCrest.
If you have not installed the new GIANTS LS17 Platinum Add-On, you can play normally.

Yes, it is a bit annoying that sugar cane will appear in some places even without the Platinum Add-On, but we have to live with that,

since GIANTS has implemented this in the LS17 patch 1.5.1, that u.a. sugar cane is also displayed on the GIANTS standard maps,

even if you have no Platinum Add-On installed.

You do not necessarily have to start a new game, but then you may have the problem

that in some places cane grows where you have not planted – even if you have no Platinum add-on installed.

If that does not bother you, you can continue playing with the old score and – if you do not have a Platinum Add-On installed, stop the fields where you have sugar cane, just clear it away.

Important!!! If you play the Seasons mod, please remove the growthManager from the mods folder!

Attention! Important!
So that the NorgeCrest17 version 2.4 can be played without errors, the LS17 patch 1.5.1 must be installed!
Subsequent mods should or must be present in the mods folder, so you at the beginning on the NorgeCrest Valley 17 no buildings or Fehrzeuge missing, you have the full range of functions and no error messages appear:
* The Seasons Mod!
* The Multi Storage Shed to additionally store straw, grass, hay and pig feed.
* You need the Stop Milk Sale Mod if you want to sell the milk manually and therefore do not want the milk to be picked up automatically by the cow pasture at midnight. The sign must be bought in the shop and can then be placed anywhere on the place – no matter where.
* So that one does not get any errors with the new digital displays, as CCM and CCM-Raw are installed here as well, the CCM mod should be activated in the Mods folder and of course, even if you do not want to play with it
* The vehicle shelter, the small and large vehicle hall of Lizard are GIANTS and were already with me and had to be downloaded in the Ls17 Mod menu only.
* LelyJuno100 as “launch vehicle” for the cowshed.
* To be able to play with the ChoppedStraw you have to copy the into the Mods folder
* For the transport of diesel, milk, liquid fertilizer, digestate, etc., you need the Kotte Universal Pack.
* Livestock Transporter Micheletto AM19, for transporting the animals from the cattle market to the sausage and meat factory. Included with the map pack.
* Livestock transporter Betimax RDS 7500, for the transport of animals from the cattle market to the sausage and meat factory. Included with the map pack.
* For the transport of wooden pallets, the specially adapted UAL Marshall BC / 32 – board pallets or the specially adapted UAL Fliegl DPW 180 / board pallets
* AdBlue-Mod (not the AdBlue installation package). Note: You must be registered and logged in to this forum.


Mapumbau und teilweißer Skriptanpassung: Pandahma
ChoppedStraw: webalizer
Lichterpaket: Niggels
Grüne Fahrzeughallen: Agrarteam Franken
Biomasselager und Maschinenhalle: Katsuo – Agrarteam Franken
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