Gutshof 17 V 1.0 [MP]

Gutshof 17 V 1.0

Gutshof 17 V 1.0

Gutshof 17 V 1.0

Gutshof 17 V 1.0

Gutshof 17 V 1.0

Here my farm comes for the games version LS17.

The map is still a flatland Map has the usual standard fruits and is slightly larger.

But they can play well as a multiplayer with 3-4 people. well suited for single player yet.

The map can also be on the server matches.

I have it but said not tested honest ausfürlich, but still pay attention to errors which were at the Forum.

When what should be writing it purely down. Is then changed.

And the best part !! She is absolutely logfrei. Except that here are at the server, but does not impede the flow of the game

(Error of Giants ??)

Unknown filetype ‘maps / MAP01 / cultivator_density.gdm’
Unknown filetype ‘maps / MAP01 / forestGrassDark_density.gdm’
Unknown filetype ‘maps / MAP01 / fruit_density.gdm’
Unknown filetype ‘maps / MAP01 / terrainDetailHeight_density.gdm’
Unknown filetype ‘maps / MAP01 / townDecoGrass_density.gdm’

First of all thanks to the still Modder the objects whose names I insert here soon.

For the most part but that of Giants from the original Map



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