Gorzkowa V Multiruit [MP]

Gorzkowa V 1.0

Gorzkowa V 1.0

Gorzkowa V 1.0

Gorzkowa V 1.0

Gorzkowa V 1.0

Welcome to the Gorzkowa V3 2k17

This map is a conversion of the Gorzkowa V3 from the LS13. The release of Tommi-1 (TLS-Modding) is available.

I would like to quote the original text of Tomm-1 (TLS) from the map in LS 13:

“You can expect a map with lots of new details and a dreamlike landscape.

Immerse yourself in a dreamy Polish idyll and let your soul dangle while working in the fields and stables.

I tried in the V3 with the means available to me the flair of Polish agriculture still more detailed.

Your trips lead past sleepy farms, shops, various pubs, a railway track, lakes and ponds, idyllic forests, meadows and fields.


The field trails are all very uneven (realistic) designed, so pay attention to your driving style!

You manage one of two fully functional smaller courtyards, which creates the possibility to split up in multiplayer.

The map was extended by me many times, all fields were newly created and enlarged. Many new details await you again. ”
End quote.

I really do not have anything to add. Only I tried to get the flair of the map and to stay as close to the original as possible. Each of the maps in the

LS 13 has been played back immediately.

The features of the map:

– all LS 17 Standarts (animals and fruits)

– Mud (dirty) is installed

– choppedStraw is ready

– Compostmaster installed

– Sojamilch production

– Milchtrigger installed

– 5 locations for placeable mods

– 5 meadows

– 21 fields (3 owned)

– 9 fields with missions

– muck out the cows in the barn

– Forests for the “tree-makers” among you

– BGA (it can also be filled with trailers)

– 3 sales outlets

For the Seasons Mod the map is not prepared because I have changed the texture of the trees for visual reasons. These would not come well in winter.

A version with the preparation for the Seasons Mod is however in work.

Required mods:

Kotte universal pack


ChoppedStraw, stopMilkSale


Modell: Tommi-1/ritchif
Idee / Konzept: Tommi-1/ritchif
Tester: Manu09, wee5t und sein Team

Credits aus LS 13:


TLS Modding Team by Tommi-1

TMT Modding

BigBens/ ElCid, Bassaddict, Ufo und Zefir

Credits Ls 17:


Tommi-1 (TLS-Modding)












FSM- Modding



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