Apache Hills v 1.1

Apache Hills v 1.0

Apache Hills v 1.0

Apache Hills v 1.0

Apache Hills v 1.0

Apache Hills v 1.0

OK guys here’s the map ive been working on for a while now. The map has standard fruits and cows only. the area i did was in south Texas mainly flat land but some small rolling landscape. it has 2 sell points for grain and one for potato and sugar beets.There is extra storage at billingers. All the grass is mow able and it has chopped straw and multi terrain and dynamic sky. If you find anything wrong let me know and ill do my best to fix it.Enjoy.




  • Hello, I loved the map! Very well designed for Agriculture. Consider yourself one of the best

    I have suggestions for important improvements to be made, although FS19 is already getting there, and with that we will leave FS17 aside at the moment, but I see opportunities to be converting this map to FS17. With the new elements, this map would undoubtedly be the best.
    Of the improvements to be corrected or inserted.
    1st Optimization in the headquarters of the farm, low FPS for so few objects. If inserted lighting, it is practically impossible to travel around the place, this being a light pole.
    2º To increase the capacity of cultivation, today it can only produce very few crops and sales prices are absolutely low, making it impossible to play because of the amount of work and time spent to cultivate, plant and harvest. Sugar cane for production and manufacture of alcohol would be a great deal. Along with increased production, the silo should receive improvements, for example, it is not allowed to store stubble, seeds and others. Imagine a corn crop that is harvested the stubble and have no where to store or sell the rest that was not used in the silage? Although the map is dedicated to agriculture, but as it has livestock, it is necessary to make this adjustment.
    3º Increase productivity in the field. Example: In one season I grew maize in fields 1, 5 and 7. It resulted in approximately 1.5 million liters. I had to sell low cost since I was in debt and needed to improve my revenue. Final result of the sale did not reach 1 million. This is very discouraging due to the time it takes to produce. In the other season, I cultivated soybeans in the same 3 fields, and the final harvest was approximately 700 thousand liters. A very low yield compared to corn, which had the same time spent and with the same applications of cultivation and fertilization. The sale of soybeans has a better value, costs in high $ 3 thousand / liters.
    4º As explained above, it is necessary to review the sales figures, especially of corn that is very low.
    I hope my suggestions are analyzed and applied to this beautiful work.
    Thank you,

    Attribution: Maiquel Bruno (Brazil)

  • bertus.ateamfs17

    has this folder digistate, I can’t find it anywhere in this folder

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