Zen Prodigy V 1.0 [MP]

Zen Prodigy V 0.9 beta

Zen Prodigy V 0.9 beta

Zen Prodigy V 0.9 beta


Type: Sowing machine
Build year: In far future 😉
Working speed: 30 kmph (subject to modification)
Working width: 17 meters
Power needed: 270HP/~184kW (subject to modification)
Price in shop: 120.000 €/$/£
Price per day: 150 €/$/£ (subject to modification)
Seeds: Wheat, Barley, Rape, Sunflower, Soybeans, Maize, Sugarbeet, Oil Raddish & Grass (subject to modification)
Seed capacity: 3.000 Liters
Other’s: Helpfer, working; Ridge-Marker: Laser

Beta-Convert-realease is without real light sources. If someone experienced have some time, he could read my Topic in the Forums (German Thread 😉 )
Potato’s currently unavaible, will be added in V1. If you want them NOW, please add “potato” into line 28 & 164

From originals mod description:

Years of our scientists research in field of military technology bring us many practical solutions. ZEN INDUSTRIES decide to bring that technology to ordinary people.Laser guiding systems, Nanotechnology, Microwave technology and many more advanced projects we implemented in one sowing machine. We present you real PRODIGY in field of agriculture.No more limits in type of seeds, increased working speed and compact design, that’s all ZEN Prodigy brings to you.Cultivate and sow your fields in fast and easy way.ABOVE ALL … PROTECT YOUR EYES … DO NOT LOOK INTO THE LASER BEAM OR ITS REFLECTION!!!


Since this is my first convert from FS13 it’s currently only avaible in Black/Red. V1 will be avaible in all 3 Colors

Version 1.0 mit Dünger(hotfix)

Dünger-Hotfix…. nun richtig 😉


Modell: Zen aka Zenchina
Textur: Zen aka Zenchina
Script: Zen aka Zenchina
Idee / Konzept: Zen aka Zenchina
Tester: LandFrauLucie, Pixelschreck

4.1/5 - (8 votes)


  • Great work. But please write in the description that it also cultivates, I wasted money buying a cultivator for no reason. Also, is there any way you can fix the seeder arm hit boxes? They seem to travel through trees and poles and such and only react after they pass through. Otherwise, awesome mod, thank you.

  • Amazing mod. The animation is beautiful. The fact that its a compact unit which unfolds to 17m is great. Easy to store. Your hard is much appreciated. Perhaps a dirt shader later-on? 🙂

  • Would it be possible to add a Fertilization feature as well?

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