Woodpile Help V [MP]

PowerPeter008 Tester: Maulwurf63

PowerPeter008 Tester: Maulwurf63

PowerPeter008 Tester: Maulwurf63

Here I have for you the woodpile aid, which has found in LS 15 very well received.

Last I have the optical pickup for the wheel loader. Thus, one can see better where to start.

For Telelader I did not do it, because the recording ligt between the front loader and the loader, which would then become just a lump of metal.

I like it that way.

So you can take the front. Telephone, and wheel loaders to move and load the rack. With the Telelader can also be stacked up to four superimposed.

Logs up to 7 m in length fit into the frame.

Loaded with timber can secure the frame with the tensioning straps. Empty it is not because I’m still working on it.


Die Collisionsmaske geƤndert, damit das Gestell nicht im Boden versinkt.



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  • Will this possibly fit into one of the train log cars? You can’t put logs on the car itself because they can’t be strapped down and you loose them en route. This mod would be great if you can size it down to fit. The logs would be a lot easier to load/unload on the train saving time and money.

  • I answered my own question i asked earlier and yes it does fit. the only problem is is that it jerks around a lot on a moving train like it has no straps. I managed to strap it to the train cr but it acts like its not. maybe you can fix it.

  • I liked the 2015 version how you used the forks that was cool someone needs to add those back

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