What to expect from the new farming game Cattle and Crops?

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Cattle and crops is game set to release in the fall of 2017. It aims at allowing the players to experience digital farming with the help of a detailed simulator. The game tries to bring virtual agriculture as close to reality as possible. The players can opt for their favorite farming, manage the different factors governing agriculture and cattle rearing and scale the improvements along the way. Cattle and crops can be very enjoyable to play and also allow the players to improve their management skills.

Special features of the game

special features

The game has highly detailed agricultural vehicles that are accurate representations of their real-life counterparts. Furthermore, these vehicles can be customized by the players wherein they can add doors, interactive mirrors, hitches and more. The movement of the vehicles is guided by physics, and the sounds and interactions are designed so as to recreate the experience of driving real vehicles.


Everything within the game is highly customizable so that the players are able to enjoy the game in their very own play style. You can choose between an arcade or a realistic experience, manage staff and delegate tasks such as feeding animals, transporting produces, harvesting crops and such among the different employees. You can also choose if you want to drive your own vehicles or assign the task to one of your employees. As you go through the game, you will gradually experience a great improvement in your management skills.

Cattle rearing

The game allows you to add animals to your farm. Here, you will have the freedom to choose between different breeds, take care of their daily needs such as cleaning, feeding and disease prevention and sell them off so as to add more revenue into your farm.

Weather, terrain, and vegetation

The game features various machinery tracks and enduring wheels that have an influence upon the depth of the terrain. These machinery can be used for plowing, cultivating or for simply driving around the fields. Every aspect of farming is influenced by conditions such as disease factors, nutrients, moisture levels and so on. The player can keep track of all these aspects at any given time to as to closely guide the various farming procedures and maximize profit.


The maps and weather systems used in the game are very accurate. The data can come useful for determining various activities such as checking the strength of the ground to see if can hold the weight of certain machinery, whether the moisture level of the soil is fit for planting and so on. The players can also customize the disease factors and weather during the gameplay.

cac mods

Cattle and crops mods

Like every other game, cattle and crops mods can allow you to take your gaming experience to a new level. There are various cac mods that can make it easier to manage the various proceedings of the farm. You can download from the various categories of cac mods and have them installed without any requirements for payment. This will help to make the virtual farming easier and more enjoyable.

What to expect from the new farming game Cattle and Crops?
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