Bogballe 3-Punkt Streuer Pack v 1.2

Bogballe 3-Punkt Streuer Pack v 1.2

New version of the already known mod

Fertilizer spreader pack of the brand Bogballe
Have you created a pack consisting of 3 fertilizer spreaders.
2 spreaders are from standard game and were optically redesigned to the brand Bogballe.
The third spreader comes from fqc Art from the Modhub (Rauch Axis 50.2) and was also reconnected to Bogballe.
Release is available.
These spreaders are based on the L1base, L2plus and M2W plus series.

Have been done:
– Texture adjustments
– smaller xml adjustments
– new, white dirt texture
– Pack created and customized folder structure
– Application rate increased by 50%
– slightly increased filling speed
– other schemes
– new pictures

Further information:
L1 base:
Purchase price: 6,000 €
Maintenance: 15 € / day
Volume: 1,050 l
Working width: 12m
Working speed: 20 km / h

L2 plus:
Purchase price: 25,000 €
Maintenance: 40 € / day
Volume: 2,000 l
Working width: 24m
Working speed: 25 km / h

M2W plus:
Purchase price: 35,000 €
Maintenance: 55 € / day
Volume: 3,500 l
Working width: 26m
Working speed: 25 km / h

Latest patch needed


Giants Software GMBH
fqc Art

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