BCS 127 V 1.0 [SP]

BCS 127 V 1.0

BCS 127 V 1.0

BCS 127

I would like to introduce you to the BCS 127 for the agricultural simulator 2017. I have invested a lot of time in the mod and I hope it was not quite otherwise. I tried to make the mod as good as it allows my abilities as a modder. I hope the Mod has succeeded me.

Important information

good performance on slope

versatile use both on land and on slopes

deep center of gravity prevents the hand

good hold also in very steep terrain

Information about the machine:

BCS 127

Power: 6PS

, Price: 785 €

Accommodation: 35 €


Modell: Blazek Modding
Textur: Blazek Modding, Südtirolerbauer
Script: Südtirolerbauer
Idee / Konzept: Südtirolerbauer
Tester: Südtirolerbauer
Sonstige: Südtirol Modding

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