Manitou And Tools BC6 v 1.0

Manitou And Tools BC6 v 1.0

Manitou And Tools BC6 v 1.0

Manitou And Tools BC6 v 1.0

Manitou MLT840 plus paddle set

Here is my modified Manitou MLT840 with matching paddle set.
The telescopic loader and the bucket set are separate, you have to unpack the whole thing once,
so you have 2 mods that you can paste into your modfolder.

Changes Manitou MLT840:
– DynamicHoses for trailers
– DynamicHoses on the arm, in case devices with suitable hoses come
– IC control for the door, armrest and additional display
– Door can be opened from the outside via IC
– Prepared for the AdBlue-Mod, OilChange-Mod and HandBrake-Mod from the BlackPantherGroup
– Illuminated Amaturen
– tire config (standard, Nokian in 24 and 26 inches, Trelleborg TM800)
– Rim color choice
– Motor configurations (from 115hp to 160hp, 140hp are standard)
– installed moveCamIntern
– other schemes
– xml adjustments
– new pictures

Changes bucket set:
– Shine reduced
– Brand choice installed
– Capacities increased
– various xml adjustments
– other schemes
– new pictures

Further information:
Important: All ads and animations for the oil change, AdBlue and the handbrake go only if you also have the appropriate mods in the modfolder.
These mods do not necessarily have to be used, but are recommended if you want to have the functions in the vehicle as well.


Giants Software GmbH [FBM Team] Bonecrusher6

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