Rostselmash Don 680M V [MP]

Rostselmash Don 680M V

Rostselmash Don 680M V 1.0

Rostselmash Don 680M V 1.0

here the Rostselmash Don 680M I present you available.

This is to the previous model of the model appeared that in LS15 already was / is from me.

The current / newer model will later also enter for FS17.

Mods are LOG FREE!

Features / Functions:

running primarily on standard script with the FS17 features

Complete lighting FS17

washable (dirty)

Full Animated (animated pulleys, belts, Kardarnwellen etc.)

IC Control

To open the door from the outside

Power: 442 PS


Including two reapers:

Rostselmash GR 4000 Corn Cutter / teeth with about 4 m working width

Rostselmash Schwadsammler with about 3.1 m working width


Modell/Textur: Shnurok | Mad Dog
Sonstiges: Schrägförderer – Schutz, GPS Antenne, Klimaanlage by speedy77 [FBM]

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