BMW i8 V 2.0 [MP]

BMW i8 V 1.5

BMW i8 V 1.5

BMW i8 V 1.5

New in the V1.5:

Different skinnies

Different beams

Template is in the texture folder and it may cause pain and piggy.

Improvements to LS15 version:

LED turn signals in the right direction

DRL switches off when the turn signal is switched on and when the turn signal is switched off again

Doors can be opened from inside and outside

color selection

Other small changes


LED turn signal (!!!! Light Addon is needed !!!!)


dimmed headlights

high beam

Reversing lights

Opening doors (inside and outside)

Other small things you can easily find


Modell: John Deere 5615F(TschiZack Gameing), DNNSGRB(RTK), itscorba
Textur: John Deere 5615F(TschiZack Gameing)
Idee / Konzept: John Deere 5615F(TschiZack Gameing)
Tester: John Deere 5615F(TschiZack Gameing)


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