Tigercat 880 with tools V 1.0 [SP]

Tigercat 880 with tools V 1.0

Tigercat 880 with tools V 1.0

Tigercat 880 with tools V 1.0

This is multifunction excavator for forestry and farming.
-you can attach any of Tigercat’s tools
-mod contains ToolAxis script, which alows you to move attached head FWD/BWD, UP/DOWN, LEFT/RIGHT by moving with only one mouse axis. All crane’s moving tools(cab swing, boom, stick, head tilt, head rotate) are calculated according to current head position/rotation and head is moving at same height / direction. (see video for details).
-you can turn on Tool Center function, which holds attached head perpendicular to the ground when you are moving with any moving tool
-when turning, excavator’s inner belts are moving reverse like in real
-dynamic cylinders and hoses on the arm
-all tools can be found in category forestry or misc or in brand Tigercat

List of tools in the mod:
-Wood grapple (you can select fixed or dangle head attacher)
-Butt N Top loader
-Clamshell unloader
-Wood processor
-Feller Buncher
-Board pallet grapple (can be extended for two pallets)
-Bale fork (with locking script, can be extended for up to 8 square bales)
-Universal fork (with locking script, for all pallets)
-Universal bucket
-Shovel loader (you can select fixed or dangle head attacher, available for all materials, also for short pieces of wood)
-Bracket for reduction to WL / TL / FL / SS (you can attach any of tools in the game)

Activate / deactivate ToolAxis – “KEY_lctrl KEY_t” (ToolAxis is off by deafault, state will be save in savegame)
Center tool function On / Off – “KEY_slash” (next to R Shift)
Extend board pallet grapple – “KEY_b”
Extend bale fork sides – “KEY_b”
Lock bales / pallets – “KEY_x”
ToolAxis forward / backward – “MOUSE_BUTTON_MIDDLE” mouseAxis=”y”
ToolAxis up / down – “MOUSE_BUTTON_RIGHT” mouseAxis=”y”
ToolAxis left / right – “MOUSE_BUTTON_MIDDLE” mouseAxis=”x”
Butt N Top stabilizer left – “KEY_KP_9” “KEY_KP_6”
Butt N Top stabilizer right – “KEY_KP_7” “KEY_KP_4”


kenny456 / FDR / Gnescher / softfox / Larsen

Tigercat 880 with tools V 1.0 [SP]
3.7 (73.33%) of 6


  • pouvez m aider la tete pour le bois wood prosesor je ne peux pas l acheter alors que tous les autre marche

  • my game crashes every time I reset or sell the Dangle head scooper and when I first bought the machine from the store, there was no fuel in it!

  • Ive done this over again 3 times now

  • Okai, so after trying again after deselecting all the mods except dlc and this mod, It works. So im gonna look to see what mod it might be thats cuzin problems…

  • Yah for some reason it crashes still with resetting or selling the dangle scooper with nothing except the mod installed.

    But The problem with the actual vehicle with it not having fuel when you buy it was because of this other mod “Better Fuel Usage”

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