Ural Silo Set V 1.0 [MP]

Ural Silo Set V 1.0

Ural Silo Set V 1.0

here the Ural 5557 silo and feed, the already existed in FS15 from me then / now available for the FS17

There are the Urals and trailer, Silo (Häckselaufbau and having a flat structure). Flatbed trailer, Ural Transport for standard cultures. Lining trailers and Ural transport – Silos for chaff hay.

Runs completely on standard script with all the features.

Capacity: 9000-18000 liters

To choose two engine variants

construction changeable

Fully Animated

FS17 lighting

washable (dirty)

and much more ….


Sanjka86, Mad Dog, irakls, Jekyll, Kovsh, RedFox, Weder

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