SCANIA V8 HKL with rail Trailer V 1.0.3 [MP]

SCANIA V8 HKL with rail Trailer V

SCANIA V8 HKL with rail Trailer V

SCANIA V8 HKL with rail Trailer V

Various engine ratings selectable

Color of the truck as well as the wheels selectable

No agricultural tires as the truck a street version remains

ITRUNNER Pack compatible

Increased speed when tilt (as does the new clamp is a lot more fun ^^)

features light, flashing lights and extra flashlights decorate the truck and let him notice (LIGHT ADDON NEEDED)

With key Y can extend the hook, so one has seemed trailer loaded on the container ran comes when you open it.

You can see the key Y, even during the unloading of containers animation press (meisst then 2x thus responding)

go behind the trailer, X press to overcharge and then during the same Y thus push everything in the correct position is when the hook is fully extended to the rear.

is the key Y is not shown in the info texts, so they must be entered in the menu!



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