MAN TGS 41.440 Kipper Set V [MP]

MAN TGS 41.440

MAN TGS 41.440

MAN TGS 41.440

MAN TGS 41.440 trailer for the FS17.

Designed for transportation of various cargoes. Cereals, vegetables. You can also load dynamic objects such as bales, pallets, small timber and other pre-opening tailgate with the mouse. either through the top bulk.

There is a choice of 3 engines (the real counterparts);
Two types of wheels. Dynamic tires.
The choice of color as the tractor and trailer.
You can also install a hitch (tow bar)

Mod quality. The polygonal minimal. Dirty. Lighting standards FS17. The game log and the log of a dedicated server net.


GIANTS Software, KOVSH – VolgaFS – ARP-Modding

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