CAT CT660 Concrete Mixer v 1.0

CAT CT660 Concrete Mixer v 1.0

​Category: Caterpillar​
Price: $174,950​
Daily Upkeep: $30
Fuel ​Capacity: 1500L
Mixer Capacity: 50000L
Fill Types: Cement and Concrete
Engine Types:
440HP/Price: $0/Upkeep: $0
540HP/Price: $18,300/Upkeep: $10
680HP/Price: $23,500/Upkeep: $24

​Updated lights to LED, Add Headache Rack with LED Strobebar. Stop/Turn/Running Lights, Rear Worklight on Strobebar and added Cab light. Headlights have three modes: Low/Fog/High.

Note: Light Addon is not needed for strobelights, beleuchtungV31.lua is used.

​Clean, No Errors.
2 Warnings: invalid fillType ‘concrete’, invalid fillType ‘cement’
​doesn’t show when used with modded map with concrete and cement


winston9587, Edited by: Blaze1984​

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  • This mod will a screw with your game. Do not download; nor install into mods folder. You won’t be able to exit vehicle or switch to another. Therefore you must exit game completely and delete mod from folder in order for current saved game to work normally.

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