HW80 Conow v 1.0.9 [MP]

HW80 Conow v 1.0.20

HW80 Conow v 1.0.20

HW80 Conow v 1.0.20

Here I present you my HW80 Conow SHA for disposal

It may perhaps not be the good races of the model here because I still want to give it to you to play

but only for PC & Mac because it contains a script.

>> Loading volume 19 m³

>> Washable

>> SP tested (Mp is not me komsicher example if someone has not tested in MP, he could send me a short PN thanks)

>> Free label either in the game

installed >> LS17 Lights

>> Fruit varieties fillTypeCategories = “bulk” should all I go looking is not quite real but ok


Modell: Bruse
Textur: Bruse & Ole 936
Script: Kennzeichen by Blacky_BPG
Idee / Konzept: Bruse & Ole 936
Tester: Bruse & Ole 936
Sonstige:Bruse & Ole 936

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