Fortuna FTM 200/6.0 v 1.0

Fortuna FTM 200/6.0 v 1.0

Fortuna FTM 200/6.0 v 1.0


Price: 35000 €
Capacity: 33000 l
Maintenance: 20 € / day


GIANTS Software

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  • Just thought you ought to know that your tipper has a difficult time with the Case IH 1660 combine. Either the combine pipe is too low or the tipper to tall or perhaps even the tipper hit box is a little off, The Case IH 1660 (the combine you get with a new game) refuses to unload into the Fortuna FTM 200/6.0. The only time this combine has succefully unloaded into the Fortuna FTM 200/6.0 is a tiny on the back driver’s side corner of the tipper. Please look into this as this is the best tipper compared to all the others as far as price/capacity/maintenance rate ratio.

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