PRP 1.6 v 1.1 [MP]

PRP 1.6 v 1.0

PRP 1.6 v 1.0

PRP 1.6 v 1.0

PRP 1,6 Price – 3500 baler for round bales. Animation. Max. operating speed – 20 km / h. Working lighting. Traces / dust from the wheels.

Version 1.1

The drawbar (deichsel) is no longer goes to the side.


Model, Script, Idea / Concept: TYOMATY ANDREI1994,Mindis56

PRP 1.6 v 1.1 [MP]
4.5 (90%) of 2


  • THIS THING COSTS YOU MONEY. not just for buying it but for moving it i bought it and tried to use it. with the following results.
    the tow bar moves through the wheels when you extend it.
    if you have the manual attaching/pto mod it can fling you across the map when attaching it.
    it wont let the tractor steer when you are driving.
    and it costs you £ for driving with it and the faster you go the more ££££ it takes.

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