Deutz 661 V 1.0 [MP]

Deutz 661 V 1.0

Deutz 661 V 1.0

Deutz 661 V 1.0

it’s something that dankeschoen to giants for this template!

if the work is done, the vehicles are clean and you höhrt nothing in the yard sneaks you into the barn to go to the race russet is here to Deutz Agrostar 6.61 on request I have red eingefaerbt him and lame was also as racing flaxen’ve tried a lot many think are far too unrealistic with 6200 revolutions unfortunately he does not really less fun wherever we are at the theme of this vehicle is a fun mobile who can not resist but to take him with trailer the race flaxen has for a cruise control because he is otherwise unstoppable and the next tree waiting

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