Agrotron 6190 TTV V 4.0 [MP]

Agrotron 6190 TTV V 2.0

Agrotron 6190 TTV V 2.0

Agrotron 6190 TTV V 2.0

This is the Agrotron 6190 TTV from SiiD & Marlin, known from LS15.


Interactive control (doors, rear window, roof hatch, roller blind, bonnet, ambient light in red, cabin light, daytime running lights & windscreen wipers)
Driver’s door open from the outside (with cabin light)
Fender can be dismantled
Lower front removable
cab suspension

Configurable at purchase:

standard tires
wide tires

Power: 193 hp

Daily charge: 100 €

Purchase price: 156000 €


Modell: Marlin 3D
Textur: Marlin 3D, SiiD
Script: SiiD, Pawulon
Idee / Konzept: Marlin, SiiD
Tester: Bauer 450, Beckxx
Sonstige: Beckxx (konvertieren, umbauen, anpassen)

Agrotron 6190 TTV V 4.0 [MP]
4.3 (86.67%) of 3

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