Frontloader Display V 1.1 [MP]

Frontloader Display V 1.0

Frontloader Display V 1.0

Frontloader Display V 1.0

As a passionate indoor driver, I have been a long time worried about working with a front loader, wheel loader, telescopic loader, yard loader and everything else there is.

With a shovel and the bale fork I still manage with a few small tricks to some extent, but at the latest when it comes to pallets no longer. The fork is crooked, afterwards you are again too high, then again too deep … At the latest then had to turn to the outside view and look from the side, in order to correct the fork correctly.

Therefore now is this mod, which shows the height and the angle of the attachment device relative to the vehicle at the bottom of the screen. The display is only visible if the attachment device is active. All attachments are supported with a front loader attacher, wheel loader attacher, telescopic loader attacher or skid loader attacher.

To function in the background. The height and the angle are calculated from the two coordinate systems from the root node of the attachment device and the vehicle. It does not measure the effective height across the ground. Therefore, it may happen that the height / angle must first be zero. For this, there is the key combination right control key + J (can of course be changed in the input bindings), which alternately sets the current orientation of the attachment device to 0/0 or back to the original value. This value is always correct, no matter where and how the vehicle is standing (the vehicle can be on a slope, on a low loader or the attachment device can be held over an abyss, the display remains the same)

Small drawback, the height indication is only correct, if the angle is at 0 °.

With the standard vehicles and tools and some mods I have tested the script as far as times, went anywhere without problems and without log errors. Nevertheless, I can not rule out that it will not work with some mods (rootnode must be like the standard vehicles, otherwise there may be problems)



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