Fill Type Mass Adjustment for FS17 realistic loading masses v 4.0 [MP]

Fill Type Mass Adjustment for FS17 realistic loading masses v 4.0

Just as in FS15 the mass of most of the filltypes in FS17 is about half of the real value. That of course makes for quite unrealistic behavior of loaded trailers. To fix this, again, this mod exists 🙂

All the standard fruit types are listet in the script with their specific mass. Mod-fruittypes can be added, there is a comment within the script telling you how to. But i’m also open to suggestions as to what fruittypes to add to the next verion. Best is to send me a PM containing the actual name of the fillType and the specific weight it has in real life.. 😉

Also, if you think one of the values within the script isn’t correct please tell me. I just googled most of the values and took a average of the values if found, so maybe someone who is in real farming knows stuff a bit better and finds that some of the values are way off, then please by all means tell me and i will fix it in further versions.

This is for all the people who want to play realistically. The difference is really noticeable and it feels more like MoreRealistic in FS13 with this Script. If the trailer is full, well you feel its full..

Just copy the Zip File in the mod folder, no further editing neccesary.

For all the people wanting to play unrealisitically, there is the unrealistic version again, all the values are multiplied by 0.01 on that version.



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