Pack Kamaz FOR THE CARD RUSSIA v 2.9.1

Pack Kamaz FOR THE CARD RUSSIA v 2.7

Pack Kamaz FOR THE CARD RUSSIA v 2.7

Pack Kamaz FOR THE CARD RUSSIA v 2.7

Changes v2.9.1:
1. Added semi-trailer gas carrier – volume 35 cub.
2. Fixed a problem with dynamic hoses on trailers NEFAZ-8560-02 and Nefaz-8332Ref.
3. The PRL-11 trailer is now being purchased.
4. Fixed collision on the Kamaz and the gas carrier trailer.
5. The volume of the fuel semi-trailer and semi-trailers Nefaz-93344 is increased to 35 cubic meters.
6. The volume of small semi-trailers is returned – 25 cubic meters.
7. Increased the volume of ITRuner tanks to 18 cubic meters.

version 2.9 – At the moment, not all your wishes have been fulfilled, but corrected critical flaws:
1. Trailers specified by you that the trigger did not see in the store when selling or returning from the rental, as well as the trigger in the workshop – corrected.
2. Restored the sound signal.
3. Fixed the problem with the awning on the side KAMAZ.
4. On some models added the ability to install more powerful engines, with its own sound.
And also, thanks to Sergey Zhigalov for installing dynamic hoses on KAMAZ vehicles.

version 2.8 – removed a warning in the log, added a food barrel for “ITRuner”, KAMAZ onboard now also has the ability to transport plates, after purchase you need to choose “body type 2”.

version 2.7 – a large reconstruction of the previous version of the pack.


1. Added a lot of new semi-trailers – two food tanks and two technical ones. 2. Semitrailer semi-trailer added.
3. The semi-trailer onboard can now transport plates, in addition to products, after the purchase you need to choose a body option.
4. Installation of silo extensions can now be made only with the purchase or in the workshop.
5. The semi-trailer refrigerator was replaced with LC-tonny toner.
6. Some cars were re-textured.
7. The sound of the engine “Cummins” – is now different from KAMAZ.
8. Fuel consumption now depends on engine model.
9. Onboard vehicles and trailers now do not transport perishable goods, and refs do not transport technical products.
10. added the ability to install a spoiler on some KAMAZ vehicles when buying or in the workshop.
Maybe something else ….. I do not remember. Good game. If problems come to light, I will fix it.


Eraevgenij; completion and adjustment: Shoker, Alex44Rus; help with 3D models: Evgen333;
Adaptation for Russia: vladimir.loko

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