AR FRAME Truck And Trailer Pack V 1.1 [MP]

AR FRAME Truck And Trailer Pack V 1.0

AR FRAME Truck And Trailer Pack V 1.0

AR FRAME Truck And Trailer Pack V 1.0

GIANTS UPDATE 1.4.4 Required.

A lot of you will remember the fantastic AR / Frame equipment created by gnescher for FS15.

GTX MODS is please to announce that we were given permission earlier this year to convert and release this equipment for FS/LS17. Although we have had these completed for the last two months full testing has taken some time along with other mods we have been completing.


Truck and Trailer Pack Includes:

Man TGS – AR/Frame Truck – Fully Optional for FS17
Triple Axle Trailer.
Wagon Style Trailer
Twin Rear Axle Trailer – High Hitch
Twin Rear Axle Trailer – Low Hitch

Again, we would like to thank gnescher for allowing us to complete this and we are sure that the community will enjoy these mods just as much as they did in FS/LS15.

Multi-Player and Single Player Tested 🙂

Log is Error Free.


For better stability and use in FS/LS17 we have chganged the hitch connection type.

Please use these settings for any new or converted AR Trucks and Trailers.

Truck Attacher Joint (XML)

28|0″ jointType=”semitrailerHook” lowerRotLimit=”0 0 0″

allowsJointLimitMovement=”false” allowsLowering=”false” enableCollision=”false”>

Giants Editior ( Attacher Rotation)

X = -90

Y= 82.222

Z = -90


Gnescher. (Original Mod in FS15)

GTX Mods. (FS17 Mod Conversion, Addition of new equipment and features, Testing)

Special thanks to Viper278 for carrying out independent testing..

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